Jeters Chapel     


Haggai 1: 5 (KJV) 

"Now therefore thus saith the LORD of hosts; Consider your ways."

Pastor's Thought

Do you make New Year's resolutions? The New Year often comes with New Year's resolutions which can be a good thing.  New Year's resolutions cause us to examine ourselves honestly, otherwise, don't make them. 

Consider honestly - are you doing well in some areas of life? Do you need to make changes in others?  Consider your walk with Christ. An honest examination of our worship life, spiritual life, and love for others as we love ourselves can be enlightening and challenging. 

The answers to those questions can turn us to God if we're honest with ourselves. Have you fallen short in assembling together for worship?  Are you mindful of every action you take and every decision you make? How's your accountability? Are you suffering with spiritual indifference? 

Begin the New Year with self-examination and make resolutions that will draw you closer to Jesus Christ than ever been before. 


Pastor Paul